Alpha Legion

The Alpha Legion are a Space Marine Legion of the Adeptus Astartes, turned Traitor during the Horus Heresy.

Alpharius: Head of the Hydra

Alpharius is hand down my favourite model Games Workshop (Forgeworld) has ever produced. Primarch of the Alpha Legion, Alpharius is one of the 18 primarch charecter series for the Horus Heresy. I currently use him as my Chaos Lord for my Warhammer 40k Alpha Legion Army. I decided to re-paint my Alpha Legion early last […]

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My Armies: Alpha Legion Chaos Space Marines

The Alpha Legion are one of the founding Legions of the Emperors Great Crusade, branded traitor during the Horus Heresy, by design they are the most obfuscated of the Traitor Legions. They fight wars through misdirection, suspicion, assassination and lies. Information is as much a tool for an Alpha Legionary as Bolter ammo. When the […]

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