How to paint Alpha Legion

So you have a Chaos army primed and ready to go, you just need to settle on a paint scheme. You want to paint the Alpha Legion but have no idea where to start? You are in luck this is my guide to painting Alpha Legion.

Painting guide for the Alpha Legion

Paints used

Armour Panels

  • Base coat Vellejo Black Primer
  • 50/50: Vellejo Heavy Violet/Vellejo Black Primer
  • Highlight with pure Vellejo Heavy Violet in all but darkest recesses/shadows.
  • Stipple 50/50: Heavy Violet/Vellejo Turquoise on the largest highlight areas
Base Coat of black and purple
How to paint Alpha Legion: Base coat
  • Gradually add more Vellejo Turquoise to the mix, highlighting up to pure Turquoise.
    You can do this in as many or as few steps as you like, more gradual steps will result in a smoother over all finish. However your average infantryman doesn't need this level of care and you can probably get away with one or two in-between mixes.
Highlighting the scales and armour
How to paint Alpha Legion: mid tones
  • Edge Highlight with Vellejo Blue Green
  • Add Ice Yellow to the Blue Green and pick out smaller and smaller areas, until the very finest point is 50/50 Ice Yellow/Blue Green. Again, how many steps you decide on will effect the final smoothness.
  • In shadow areas, glaze a very thined coat of shyish purple contrast paint.
Alpharius by Forgeworld
Alpha Legion painting guide: Highlights

Steel Trim

  • Base coat Vellejo Black Primer.
  • Stipple Vellejo German Grey highlights over 90% of the trim leaving only darkest recesses.
  • Add Ice Yellow to German Grey stippled in progressivly lighter layers until pure ice yellow
  • Edge highlight with a mix of 50:50 White/Ice Yellow
  • Highlight the very edges and points with pure White

So there you have it, thats how to paint Alpha Legion models.

Close up of the nearly finished Alpharius Forgeworld miniature